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I am prescribed by my doctor 30/500 cocodamol a day by my doctor

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I am prescribed by my doctor 30/500 cocodamol a day by my doctor x 4 for ongoing pain after a car accident with my leg being reconstructed after 13 operations, I was in pain at 4am thins morning and took, 2 pills, then forgot and when I got up at 6.30 took another two by mistake, will I be ok as I know I should leave 4 hours between really, I won't take anymore for the rest of the day, I'm just concerned about overdosing.
This tablet contains codeine 30mg and paracetamol 500mg.Yes the tab should be taken at least 4 hour interval.You have taken the second dose after 2 hours instead 4 hours, this will not harm you in any other than some extra somnolence (due to codeine).You should take the next dose in scheduled time like 6 hour after the second dose.
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