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My baby (5 weeks + 3 days) was coughing last night, overnight,

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My baby (5 weeks + 3 days) was coughing last night, overnight, and woke almost hourly crying, often the cough immediately preceded the crying. I offered him the breast each time and he fed each time. He is exclusively breast fed. He doesn't have a fever and doesn't seem to have much in the way of nasal congestion - possibly a bit runny at times today, but that’s when he’s crying anyway! He was quite noisy in his sleep before coughing each time - snuffling and swallowing, but I wasn't sure if it was respiratory or digestion related. Today, however, since getting up, there has been no sign of the cough! He has been irritable/crying much more in early to late evenings the past 3 days or so. My husband wonders if he is just having a growth spurt and that the cough last night is nothing to worry about, but I was feeling worried about the cough and wondered if he has a cold. It was mostly a dry cough, a bit wet sometimes, no barking or wheezing, and only happened shortly before he woke up each time (say at the end of each 60-90 min cycle or so). Baby otherwise seems well.
Thank you for your question:

The fact that you baby "othewise seems well" and was nursing well are both details that I believe most physicians would consider very reassuring.

A growth spurt really would not be expected to cause a cough and frequent awakenings. I would suspect that this may be the begining of an upper respiratory infection. He should be checked by a doctor if these syptoms get worse or fail to improved over the next few days.
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