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Dr. K.
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My friend is from the UK and has NHS cover but hasn't been

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My friend is from the UK and has NHS cover but hasn't been to the dentist in years - she's 45. I want her to be my bridesmaid in the summer. She has Type 1 diabetes and her teeth are in a bad state (I mention the diabetes because I think that might contribute to the bad teeth). I was in her bathroom recently and saw that she doesn't have a toothbrush - I think she relies on Listerine for fresh breath. Could you hazard a guess as to what teeth issues she could have and how much it might cost to fix them, so that she has a great smile for the photos? I realise that it's a difficult one, since you haven't seen her, and I'm just looking for advice so I know what to tell her if I bring it up. It's obviously a delicate issue and she may not even talk to me about it.
Dr. K. :

Hello, this is Dr K.. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. I look forward to helping you today.

Dr. K. :

Tough question

Dr. K. :

This depends on whether her teeth are rotting or just bad.

Dr. K. :

Obviously not using a toothbrush is not helping with dental care. Diabetes increases risk of infection

Dr. K. :

If her teeth are rotted, she would need extraction and false teeth, quite expensive

Dr. K. :

If they are just bad, take a look at "veneers or porcelein veneers" which are(###) ###-####euro in your area

Hi Dr. K, I'm not sure how I'd tell (or how she would) if her teeth are rotting or just bad? From what I can see, her front teeth are bad, they're not black. Maybe veneers would do the trick. Would I be able to send you a photo so that you could see what you think? I wonder also, would veneers work on teeth that were pretty uneven and ground down? E
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, I was having bad trouble viewing the site and I've had a customer service person contact me with an explanation. So I can see it better, but I don't know what extra information you need? I can see my reply to your initial reply but only some of it and I can't see your response (I'm sure you did respond). You can e-mail me at the address I provided, if that's allowed. Also, the customer service agent told me I could send a photo, but I wonder, is the photo accessible to everyone who uses the site? I wouldn't like my friend to know I've been in touch. Regards, Emma

Emailing is not allowed. The photo is viewable by anyone. Yes veneers can cover teeth that are ground down, not rotting teeth.
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