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Dr. Natasha
Dr. Natasha, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 12910
Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Ivy League trained
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old friend. Anxiety mark here Feel fine !! Yeah My

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Hi old friend.
Anxiety mark here
Feel fine !! Yeah
My doc saw me today reviewed images and report and said my liver and kidney perfect
No need for any follow up there's nothing there !! Artefact on ct he said. ?
Do you agree ?
Also here's one for you
You have all my liver results
All normal ct ultrasound and bloods all normal
I've reveresed my NASH or whatever he called it
He said with a gamma gt of 9 it wasn't alchhol related. How much is safe for me to drink !?
Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

Congratulations on your results!

Dr. Natasha :

How safe is it to drink?

Customer : Well the thing they thought they saw on the kidney ..... You remember right ??
Dr. Natasha :

You should limit yourself to no more than 2 drinks a day= 14 per week

Dr. Natasha :


Customer : Ultrasound was perfect
Dr. Natasha :

I am happy for you

Dr. Natasha :


Customer : Wasn't Nything there at all
Dr. Natasha :

that is fantastic

Dr. Natasha :

I am happy for you

Customer : How does that happen ?
Dr. Natasha :

how does what happen

Dr. Natasha :

an artifact?

Dr. Natasha :

all of the time

Customer : Yes
Dr. Natasha :

it is the way the scan is taken and the images interpreted

Dr. Natasha :

it is like a flash of fligh

Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

we see it more on xray

Dr. Natasha :

it is a 'fake out'

Customer : The sonographer said mark I can't lie there's nothing there !!! No masses no cysts nothing lol
Dr. Natasha :


Customer : The ct said 2cm
Dr. Natasha :

in regards ***** ***** question- I wouldn't drink any more than 2 drinks a day

Customer : She laughed and said id see that in my ultrasound !!
Customer : Thanks
Dr. Natasha :

that is why they do the confirmatory study

Dr. Natasha :

feeling better now, eh?

Customer : Yes it's a tricky that one ultrasound reports my liver nirmal
Customer : No fat at all
Dr. Natasha :

good- well don't go crazy.

Dr. Natasha :

on the booze

Customer : Il give you the report read ?
Customer : Ecogenicity and homogeneous normal no lesions
Customer : No duct dilation
Customer : Common bile duct 3.5mm
Dr. Natasha :

yeah, that sounds great

Customer : She said all normal on ct and ultrasound
Dr. Natasha :


Customer : Sharp edge and the same texture as my spleen
Customer : Whatever that means
Dr. Natasha :

I think you are reading too much into it

Dr. Natasha :

it sounds like your scans are within normal limits

Customer : Alt 25 ast 24 ggt 9 all others isit on
Customer : She said all normal
Customer : So two drinks ??
Customer : Two glasses of wine ?
Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

or beer

Dr. Natasha :

or two shots

Dr. Natasha :

whatever you want

Customer : I do 3 sat Sunday then 4 days off then some Friday
Customer : Is that ok
Dr. Natasha :


Dr. Natasha :

as long as it is not more than 14 per week

Customer : All in all My doc says I'm perfect normal now and the 42 pound weight loss and excersise has done the job
Customer : So to finish
Customer : the ct was an artefact
Customer : Ultrasound would have seen a 2 cm lesion ! ??
Customer : Time to relax ?
Dr. Natasha :

yes, you can relax

Customer : Cheers ***** ***** ps you look far to glamorous to be a doctor !!! Lol
Customer : A bit like Dr chip !!
Customer : You yanks are in good nick
Dr. Natasha :


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