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dr prabir kumar das
dr prabir kumar das, Doctor
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I have a constant high pitched ringing buzz in both ears. I

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I have a constant high pitched ringing buzz in both ears. I have been to the doctors and he states this is Tinnitus. However i have not exposed my ears to anything such as a constant loud music. What causes this, is there anyway i can try and settle the condition? If i am busy i can distract myself from the constant buzzing however it is always there and it never stops it is particular bothersome at night when i am trying to get to sleep. However when i was younger i never recall this high pitched ringing noise, so i am not sure what has caused it?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for coming back to me.

Unfortunately i do still require further information on this topic, so i am hoping you can please help me out.

I wish to continue waiting for a response, could you please try to expedite this so i could get a response urgently.

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From your description it seems to be catastrophic type of tinitus you are having with.
It is very difficult to find out the exact cause of tinitus as there are so many causes other than loud sound or music hearing.
The causes are
ear problems and hearing loss:
conductive hearing loss
external ear infection
acoustic shock
loud noise or music
cerumen (earwax) impaction
middle ear effusion
superior canal dehiscence
sensorineural hearing loss
excessive or loud noise
presbycusis (age-associated hearing loss)
Ménière's disease
acoustic neuroma
mercury or lead poisoning
ototoxic medications
neurological disorders:
Arnold–Chiari malformation
multiple sclerosis
head injury
skull fracture
closed head injury
whiplash injury
temporomandibular joint dysfunction
giant cell arteritis
metabolic disorders:
thyroid disease
vitamin B12 deficiency
iron deficiency anemia
psychiatric disorders:
tension myositis syndrome
hypertonic (muscle tension)
thoracic outlet syndrome
Lyme disease
sleep paralysis
glomus tympanicum tumor
So you can understand how difficult it is to find out the exact cause.
Regarding treatment If there is an underlying cause, treating it may lead to improvements.
Otherwise the primary treatment for tinnitus is talk therapy and sound with there being little support for medications.
Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am disappointed in your conduct that you are requesting a further payment for information. The payment i set was to answer my question fully, i am very unhappy with your conduct. This is not the conduct of an ethical and honest doctor.

What do you feel i should do now to get a diagnosis? What specialist do you feel i should be referred to in getting the appropriate diagnosis and treatment?

In the UK we have to see our GP first, so if you recommend a specialist i will be able to show them your comments to get referred faster. I hope you can answer this small query without a further payment.

I am not requesting for further payment.You just got an option for extra service by which you can get extra service like you can contact me by phone, by skype video call and you may contact to my personal mail id for a indefinite period with some other question.For this question you have not to pay any extra.Anyway it was not my intention to make you angry regarding payment option.I am really sorry for it.
Now come to the points
As per your original question you wanted to know what causes it and how you get rid of this problem.
I already mentioned that the exact etiology of this condition is not easy to find out or nearly impossible if you are not so fortunate and in most cases we have to treat or rather manage this case sympathetically, not the etiology.Still you must see a GP for general examination and investigation and to be referred to specialist as per GP's advice.
Thanks again
You can ask more question if you have without extra payment.
Don't misunderstand me.
Please rate positively if you are satisfied by my information.
dr prabir kumar das, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 1889
Experience: MBBS,MD
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