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every 3 weeks or so I dont go to the toilet as often -3

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every 3 weeks or so I dont go to the toilet as often for 2-3 days and then one day I go 4 times or more. Each time it gets more explosive and I get a lot of gas and gurgling that day.
The next day I gradually go back to normal for around 3 weeks then this happens again.
Sometimes my poop is 2 tone with darker bits within.
I have occasionally pooped a little when I am passing wind and to be honest this whole cycle is freaking me out!
I am 38 and if I am being honest I am worried its bowel cancer as my Uncle died of this in his 60s, my Gran beat it in her 70s and last year my Mum had womb cancer in her 60s so they are running genetic tests.
When you go for 4 times ,was it like diarrhea ,liquid stool?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It begins ok and gradually gets worse until the last one is very loose and I need to go very quickly

From your description it mimics alternate diarrhea and constipation an early sign of colo rectal cancer which is common in middle age group.
You should consult a gastro enterologist and need some investigation and may be a colonoscopy.
Thank you
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Thank you
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Could it be something else though - IBS?

Thanks for response.
Yes there are many causes for such symptoms which are more common than the cancer colo rectal. But I mentioned it first because it is most serious and life threatening situation but if detected early good survival rate.
Other common causes are
ulcerative colitis
Irritable bowel syndrome
Paralytic ileus
Short bowel syndrome
Crohn's disease
Necrotising enterocolitis
Hirschsprung disease
Mineral deficiencies
all of these are non cancer causes, so don't worry
Have a nice day
Best of luck
• Duodenal atresia
• Jejunal atresia
• Malabsorption syndrome