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wrote to you a couple of weeks ago re. earache. i am now using

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wrote to you a couple of weeks ago re. earache. i am now using ear drops for 2 weeks and am on the 8th day, as per ent registrars advice. pain has been more or less present for weeks, but has now got so that I can't sleep. My g.p has contacted my e.n.t team to bring forward my next appt' (in 3 weeks time), but they are not unduly concerned. this is a comfort as the pain is quite worrying, my g.p has px'd stronger analgesia. swabs of the ear appear clear. the message from the ent registrar is that the problem may not be in my ear. why has the pain suddenly become so bad aftr all the treatment i have had. i'm currently using sofradex
Hello from JustAnswer. I will be glad to assist you today. I also have reviewed the prior discussions.

The reason why the symptoms have gotten worse again depends upon the underlying cause. The most common scenario for these symptoms would be an otitis externa that is not responding to the medicine. Any antibiotic may work when first started, but the germ can later develop resistance. It is also possible that a secondary infection may have developed, even though the original germ is getting better with the current antibiotics. In this situation, it would be appropriate to select a different antibiotic, although the doctor may also decide to obtain a culture to guide antibiotic selection.

It is also true that the symptoms are worsening because it is a condition that is mimicking an ear infection, which is what was meant when the ENT said that it may not be a problem with the ear. There are a variety of conditions that can cause such symptoms, with the most common that I see being inflammation of the joint of the jaw. The jaw bone has a joint on each side that is immediately in front of the ear canal, and inflammation of this joint is frequently perceived as ear pain.

In this situation, a repeat examination is usually the next step, and referral to an ENT physician is appropriate. This is a problem that can typically wait until your appointment. The primary risk of not being seen quickly is the delay in getting the next step in treatment, which also means an extended duration of symptoms, which is a much larger concern when the symptoms are.more severe, merely because of the extended suffering that would be entailed.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hello, if things are not going to be made worse by the wait, I will do this and take the painkillers

Yes, that would be OK.