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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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I have a severe intermittent toothache. Usually lasting a couple

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I have a severe intermittent toothache. Usually lasting a couple of hours. I've had recent root filling on first molar. I feel like the pain is occurring from one of premolars. Dentist couldn't find anything on x Ray. I have tenderness and soreness in my cheek. That has been present for some weeks. I also had an inflamed its molar on the lower jaw. That is awaiting do p,eye ion of a root filling. My dentist did root filling on upper first molar yesterday but said tho the tooth was inflamed the nerve had not died. That doesn't seen to be painful now. The latest bout if pain seemed to be triggered by drinking tea. Please help
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

have you tried a course of antibiotics to help kill off an infection which might not be seen?

Dr. David :

you might also benefit from use of an antibiotic mouth wash as well to help kill bacteria and decrease bacterial gingivitis symptoms.

Dr. David :

your tooth ache could also be due to trigeminal neuralgia pain from your trigeminal nerve

JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : Yes I have had antibiotics and am on the last day
Dr. David :

you would need an MRI scan of the brain with contrast to look at the brain and trigeminal nerve.

Dr. David :


JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : Are you suggesting it's something other than teeth?
Dr. David :

it might be something other than your teeth.

Dr. David :

trigeminal neuralgia can cause pain in your teeth sometimes.

JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : What other symptoms would I experince if it was to?
JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : Tn
Dr. David :

numbness, pain in the area.

JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : Numbness of the face?
Dr. David :

numbness in your gums and teeth area.

JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : I don't have that . There is soreness in my cheek and is tender to the touch
Dr. David :

well, it could be dental issues

Dr. David :

maybe it is the inflamed molar which is causing the pain still.

JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : Ok thank you
Dr. David :

you still need that root filling procedure.

Dr. David :

perhaps your pain will get better after that.

Dr. David :

you might need pain medications until then.

JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : Yes I do
Dr. David :

your dentist can prescribe you pain medications.

JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : I had pain in my lower jaw and a lot of mucus but that cleared since the bottom root filling. The pain in the top had become intense in the last two weeks
Dr. David :

I see.

Dr. David :

I would ask your doctor for some pain medications like with codeine to help decrease the pain.

JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : Yes I will
JACUSTOMER-2o6m6pti- : Thanks for your help
Dr. David :


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