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I am so scared i had been having bloated pressure on bladder

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I am so scared i had been having bloated pressure on bladder and pain in right side.CA125 LEVEL came back slightly elevated 44. I have had an ultrasound this is clear. But reading on internet see it can be elevated for other cancers which has frightened the life out of me. i understand it can be elevated in other conditions of the ovary, pelvic fibraoid not necessary cancerous. But i am worried if its none of these does it mean it will be cancer in the colon stomach or lung. I a 49 still have regular periods with low iron levels. Going to get colon stomach checked next but pertified.

Hi. I understand your concern. First off, may I ask if you understand that the CA125 is what's known as a marker for certain cancers but that a slight elevation alone does not indicate cancer? And did your doctor say exactly why he ordered the test?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it was because i am having bloating and lower pressure on my bladder but no bladder infection was found , He was doing this as he thought there may be a probelms with my ovarys i think . I understand that is was a ca125 is a tumour marker

OK Donna--and how long had you been having the bloating problem? Any change in bowel movements or problems with indigestion?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am very gassy burping . I do get acid reflux had a camera down last year as thought i may have an ulcer didnt find an ulcer. I have a small hiatus hernia.The bloating has been going on for a few months always had a bit of ibs but the last few weeks doesnt go down and feels really uncomfortable . I been taking iron tablets as my iron levels have been low but stopped taking them as worried it might be making my stomach worse. Motions darker because of iron.

OK Donna. We can continue after this but first off that isn't much of an elevation in the CA125--usually cancer raises it to 65 or higher. With the normal ultrasound I think we can rule out all the pelvic organ reasons here but even though you need both upper and lower endoscopy I see no reason to suspect any cancer at this point
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