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I am 61 and because of a spinal operation when 21 experience

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I am 61 and because of a spinal operation when 21 experience a lot of leg pain. This wears me down. I seem to suffer if thats the word from extreme tiredness which mainly comes on after eating, and can even fall asleep when people are talking to me much to the annoyance of my wife. I take a prescription drug called Combodart for prostate and a drug called Thyroxine for slow thyroyd. Every time l nod off my wife tells me off and l dont know what to do to stay awake. Any ideas?

Hi. First off how's your sleeping? And how long has this been going on? Have you talked to your doctor about it?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I Sleep ok, but wake up early mornings for work. I think l have been a little depressed due to the loss of my son and grandson. I have talking to my doctor who has given me blood tests, ecg for my heart and so far l am ok although l am awaiting an appointment to see a chest specialist. The sleeping thing is what bothers me the most though as it most affects my relationship and has gradually got worse over the last few years

OK Paul. Do you know what your latest TSH level is and have you had your cortisol levels checked. How about an EBV viral titer checking for chronic fatigue syndrome?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is TSH for thyroid? I have had that checked and it is ok but l have not had cortisol checked and dont know about EBV (is that same as ME?)

Yes ME and CFS are both terms for the same disorder. TSH is one measure of how well a low thyroid condition is being treated with medication. We can continue after this but here are my thoughts. First off, unless your TSH level is near 1.0 or below you're being under treated and your dose of thyroxine needs to be increased. Low cortisol levels could also be a problem so that needs checking. ME or CFS needs to be considered and an EBV titer is one way to diagnose that condition. Finally, this may be a problem with sleep apnea even if you think you sleep well so I would get a sleep study for that. Narcolepsy is a distant possibility but the sleeep study would also look for that
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Thanks for the rating but let me correct one thing I said above--if your TSH level is above 2 then your medication dosage needs increasing