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Dr Uzair
Dr Uzair, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 9505
Experience:  MBBS, FCPS (R) General Surgery. Years of experience in Emergency Medicine.
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I have pain in my back abdomen. I feel exhausted and generally

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I have pain in my back abdomen. I feel exhausted and generally unwell. My legs are a little numb, with some pins and needle sensation from time to time. My balance is affected and I have been clumsy when walking.
Dr Uzair :

Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

Dr Uzair :

Pain in the back and the abdomen?

Customer: Yes both back and abdomen, dull aches in arms and legs. Vision problems too
Dr Uzair :

Okay, previously diagnosed medical conditions?

Customer: Endometriosis, kidney stone (passed).
Dr Uzair :

Okay. Are you on any medication?

Customer: Extreme tiredness and flu/virus sore throat etc in January. Felt unwell since then, even though cold symptoms gone.
Customer: Just cerazette pill to help with endo. Buscapan was taken to help with renal colic.
Customer: Is each question costing £24 ? I hope not.
Dr Uzair :

Not at all.

Dr Uzair :

It will only cost you once you've received an answer that you accept.

Customer: Ok thank you.
Dr Uzair :

I would advise that you get your serum calcium levels and parathyroid hormone levels checked.

Dr Uzair :

Along with all your baseline labs.\

Dr Uzair :

This sounds like Parathyroidism, a condition in which the parathyroid gland has over activity.

Customer: I've had thyroid checked, it was normal is that same as parathyroid ??
Dr Uzair :

No, that is different.

Dr Uzair :

They lie close to each other, but the tests to evaluate the parathyroid gland are different.

Customer: my eyes hurt when I move them to the side a bit.
Dr Uzair :

Most of your symptoms relate to hyperparathyroidism. So, the best will be to have it evaluated.

Customer: Thank you for your answers ... I feel so unwell that I'm currently absent from work. Really need to sort it out
Dr Uzair :

Yes, a visit to the GP is warranted and this is something you need to discuss with him/her so that a detailed evaluation is done.

Customer: Thank you
Dr Uzair :

It was a pleasure to assist you.

Dr Uzair :

Please do leave a positive rating for the service.

Dr Uzair :

Best wishes.

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