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I have today been told that I may have e-Colin or campalabacta

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I have today been told that I may have e-Colin or campalabacta (apologies if spelling wrong). I have to take in a sample. Possibly go on for blood tests. may heal itself but if I become very swollen go straight to a&e.
Obviously I am concerned and rather alarmed. Could you tell me: can I pass it on to my family. If so how can i protect .
I have today started sipping at water and tonic water ( the sickness, dirhea and passing of blood starting around 7 on Sunday) and have so far kept it down
Added concern - due to go on weeks cruise next wed. Told if I get a positive diagnosis it is a notifyable condition . Does this mean I may not be allowed to Go? Thank you so much. Been worrying all day as didn't know of your service. Sarah B

Hi--why specifically are the doctors considering campylobacter? And is anyone in your family having the same problem as you?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
person I was staying with has no symptoms - luckily I had my own bathroom. Only returned home last night. Husband drove 200 miles plus to collect me and drive me home. I went straight to bed. Seen no one else in family yet.
My doc asked if I had been abroad - no. Whether I had eaten anything out - fri lunch baked potato with prawns. Fri pm haddock and few chips. Sat pm chicken mushroom creamy baked pasta. 3 different places.
Had I noticed change in my stools of late - yes. Can go when it suits me. Been on slimming world last 8 weeks eaten loads fruit so I thought that may be why poo very soft. Never constipated.
Main reason was that I had a lot of red in my vomit even after all food had gone. After diarrhoea started it soon changed bloody and then apparently pure blood. Very liquid. As of yesterday morning I was passing big clots.
This morning at 7 pure blood liquid again. Tried to go again for sample 3 hours later but just got 2 clots.
Doc wants sample asap. Plenty of cramps but not been yet. No sickness since 3am yesterday
Did your doctor mention an emergency colonoscopy?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no. Just that if my stomach becomes very swollen go straight to a and e as I would need to go into hospital.

OK Sarah--and we can continue after this if you'd like. Campylobater enteritis generally doesn't need any treatment but your description sounds more like E coli or C diff and those require antibiotics. I am very concerned about all the bleeding you're having and I ;personally would do an emergency colonoscopy to further evaluate that. In general, the only way this can be spread to others is by using the same dinner utensils, the same toothbrush, or eating from the same food on one's plate. As for travel, unfortunately I really think this needs a full evaluation and treatment before you travel
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