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, I've been taking X1 pregabalin 75mg tablet months

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Hi, I've been taking X1 pregabalin 75mg tablet for three months now. I want to taper off them asasp as Ive been getting really bad stomach problems from them. I went from from 75mg to 50mg for 10 days, then 25mg so far for 7 days. Can I stop taking them now, or shall I carry on for another two days so will have done 10 days of each dose. I'm really scared about getting any withdrawal effects such as depression etc. do I completely stop ?

Hi. It would be best to taper off to avoid any withdrawal symptoms and you've been doing that so far. If I were your doctor I'd now have you take the 25 mg every other day for three doses and then stop

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sorry what do you mean ?
Take 25mg today, then again in two days, then again in two days and one last time in two days after that
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
So I take 25mg tonight (weds), then none for two days, then another 25mg (sat), then none for two days etc. My neurologist has advised me to stop completely after 10 days of 50mg, then 10 days of 25mg.
Well, continuing for three more days on the 25mg and then stopping may be fine Annie. I'm just saying that after those ten days were up I'd still advise you to take 25 mg every other day for three more times. But I'm not trying to override your neurologist here
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I'm confused now, are you a neurologist ? Is it best to follow his Advice ? I've got really bad stomach problems so want to finish asap. Am I best doing the 7 days like I have then just use the remaining three days as 1 every two days.
No, I'm not a neurologist but I do prescribe pregabalin. Let me ask you this though--why did you want to ask an expert here about this when you'd already had instructions from your neurologist?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My neurologist said tapering off for 10 days of each dose was fine, but he hasn't got back to me about me finishing them over 7 days instead of 10 days because stomach hurts. I wanted some advice tonight really. I asked him do I stop completely or take over alternative days & he said to stop completely. So confused as really want best advice so don't get any withdrawal effects.
OK In my opinion the best way not to have any withdrawal symptoms would be for you to continue for the full ten days at 25 mg a day and then continue the taper with 25mg every other day for a total of three more pills before stopping completely. But that said, if you just continue for the full ten days of the 25 mg and then stop it isn't likely you're going to have much in the way of any withdrawal symptoms
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can I also just ask, I'm taking lansoporazole for my stomach for 4 weeks now and stomach not improved, do they take longer to work ? Or will it not get better whilst im taking pregabalin ?
Four weeks should be more than enough time for the lansoprazole to work but since the problem is the pregabalin, then that problem can only truly be treated by getting off the pregabalin
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