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Shortness of breath weeks, severe pain, started in

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Shortness of breath for three weeks, severe pain, started in the middle of shoulders blades months ago now severe pain in shoulders, neck, arms. Pain when I rest.
I have asthma but under control.
I have stopped smoking four months ago after a period of 40 plus years.
Been to the doctor high temperature, on antibiotics five days but do feel any better.
Regards Susan
Hello from JustAnswer.
It will help if you could provide some further information.
How high did the temperature get?
When you saw your doctor, what evaluation was done?
Was a chest x-ray obtained? A pulse oximeter check of oxygen level? Blood count?
Do you have the results of any tests that were done?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Doctor did not advise me of the temperature reading. Said it was high.
Oxygen reading Ok.
Peak flow 250
Blood count was not tested.
No X-Ray was suggested.
Thank you for the additional information.

The most common cause of fever, shortness of breath, and pain is an infection, so the use of antibiotics is reasonable. Blood clots in the lungs can cause similar symptoms, although fever is not common, but there usually would be a low oxygen level. Since you had a fever and a normal oxygen level, that would support that it is infectious. A chest x-ray may be done in certain cases to clarify the type of infection, although it is not always necessary, depending upon what is found on exam. However, persistence of symptoms is another reason to consider obtaining a chest x-ray when it was not done on the original visit.

There are many different germs that can cause a chest infection causing these symptoms. Since the amoxicillin is not helping, it would be reasonable to be concerned about certain atypical germs that are fairly common, such as Mycoplasma. Infections caused by these atypical germs will usually respond better to a different antibiotic, such as azithromycin.

It is also possible that a chest infection could be due to a viral infection, but it would be unusual for a viral infection to persist for this length of time.

So, there are several options at this point, partly guided by the findings on the initial exam, but the most common approach would be to change to the azithromycin, and you would need to discuss this with your doctor.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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