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concerning my 8 year old daughter: 3 courses of antibiotics

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concerning my 8 year old daughter: 3 courses of antibiotics since Nov (ear infection, tonsilitis, UTI which did not respond to penicilin and had to be given a different antibiotic). Has an ongoing hives breakout (which is not related to anything she eats as i've done the exclusion diet). Is pale, complains of stomach ache often, apetite down, seems tired a lot, cries in her sleep and clutches her tummy, more tearful than usual - almost like a films when someone is being erased out.... requested blood test and: neutrophils 6.30 10*9/L lymphocyte 2.88 10*9/L eosinophil 0.15 10*9/L haematocrit 0.39 (all other white and FBC count approx in the middle of the ranges) serum gamma GT level 10uL (of range 12-43), serum inorganic phosphate 1.83 (of 1.30-1.75 mmol/L) serum creatinine 37 umol/L (of 46-92 umol/L). It seems to me that she is just NOT well at all, we've had blood in urine and pain when urinating to point of crying, tummy very tender. We are waiting for most recent urine test results to come back. Personally I'd like her referred to a peadiatric urologist (or such like). Opinion greatly appreciated :-) what tests should I be asking for?

Hi. Has her thyroid function and cortisol levels been checked?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Serum free T4 15.4 pmol/L

serum TSH level 3.36 mu/L

cortisol not checked from what I can see from the blood test...

bilirubin is 6 umol/L

ALT is 14 u/L

OK Sadzidaq--we can certainly continue after this if you'd like. I don't see a need for a pediatric urologist here but I do think she needs to see both a pediatric gastroenterologist and a pediatric endocrinologist. My thoughts--she may be hypothyroid with a TSH above 3.0. But moreover she may have celiac disorder with the stomach problem and the hives, or she may have another autoimmune disorder like lupus. She needs a full autoimmune and celiac screening, a check of the cortisol levels, and upper and lower endoscopies.
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