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I am currently travelling in Asia. Before travelling I completed

a course of three rabies... Show More
a course of three rabies vaccinations in the UK (on 4, 10 and 24 February this year). While in Sri Lanka, I suffered a possible small cat bite/scratch on 12 March and received two boosters of Verorab on 14 and 17 March. However, unfortunately I was then attacked by a monkey in Thailand on 23 March and received some fairly light scratches / one or two possible very small bites on my legs. The doctor I saw said that, given my recent immunisation history, I should already have enough immunity from rabies, but gave me one additional Verorab booster on 23 March as I said I was concerned. He said there is nothing further for me to do.
Please could you confirm that this advice is correct, i.e. that I am immune from rabies and don't need any more vaccinations? I thought I was supposed to have two boosters after any possible exposure to rabies, but is the advice correct that only one is required given that I very recently had the boosters? Thanks.
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Hi. Since you've yet to respond let me answer here. From what you've said you should be fully immunized against the rabies and don't need any more boosters
I was waiting for you in the chat mode
I would recommend that you check titers of your antibody levels
This is blood work to see if you are immune
do you have access to a lab that can do this?
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
Apologies, I was having trouble with my wifi and couldn't use the chat mode. I am still travelling and I am currently in Malaysia so I don't have access to a lab. I could enquire about this when I am back in the UK on 6 April, but would that be too late? I note that your colleagues consider that I am immune from rabies , so would the blood work be necessary?
I think you are immune as well but the antibodies would ensure it
I think you are fine right now though
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Just to confirm - your advice is that if possible I should get my antibody levels checked when I'm back in the UK after 6 April, but that in the meantime I have no reason to be concerned about any rabies risk and I will have sufficient time to have any necessary additional treatment after 6 April? Thanks.

That is correct.


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