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Good Evening, I injured at least one of my lower ribs on

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Good Evening,
I injured at least one of my lower ribs on my right side on Sunday March 8 th 2015 . On examination at local A+E on Mon. 9 th, due to increased discomfort, possible fractured rib was diagnosed which was confirmed by my GP on Friday.......advised to rest and take prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs X- ray was not deemed necessary due to classic depressed rib fracture symptoms.
The pain intensified and reached its height as predicted by my GP on around day 7/10 following the injury.
I work offshore and although still in some discomfort decided to travel to join my ship here in Denamrk yesterday , Thursday 26 th......GP not convinced I should but I had taken a week off already to recuperate.
The travel yesterday seems to have aggravated my side side pain and is back to similar levels as day 7/10....also resulting in limited sleep again.....Taking all drugs as before.
My job is of a manual nature and my main concern is whether another injury is present (Liver ??) symptoms ? unlikely........?
Also if I continue with light manual work will this further aggravate the injury to an extent that might make the fracture more severe than the original injury and extend the healing period overall ?
Your professional opinion would be grateful appreciated .
You need the x ray.
We can not tell if you should work or not: we can not examine you.
I would ask the doctor for a re examination since your symptoms have gotten worse.
If you had internal organ damage, you would not be at work at all, you would be in the hospital.
Customer: replied 3 years ago. would a liver issue mainifest itself Doctor at this stage nearly three weeks following initial injury ? Symptoms?

A torn or ruptured liver would have put you into the hospital immediately.
It is not damage to the liver from a fall 3 weeks after the event.
In addition the liver is not easy to damage in this fashion.
A crack rib is much more likely.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for prompt reply Doctor.

So Basically the only organs on my lower right side which could have been affected are the liver, which you have ruled out.

My Breathing is fine , painful to cough and sneeze obviously, so I can assume that the pain and discomfort originates from the originally diagnosed fracture and time will heal it eventually ?

I still recommend the x ray.
Pain with cough and sneezing would be typical of a blow to the rib.
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