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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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My big toe is swollen and red and extremely painful - in or

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My big toe is swollen and red and extremely painful - in or out of shoes - and has been for
3 months now - 2 x-rays later and blood tests for gout and infection which came back as normal -and still don't know what it is -HELP !!
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

I am sorry you are having big toe swelling and pain.

Dr. David :

you could be having an infection in the toe joint or septic arthritis.

Dr. David :

you might need a course of antibiotics to see if that helps fight off an infection.

Dr. David :

you should ask your GP doctor to refer you to an orthopedic doctor to aspiriate out some fluid out of your big toe and check for infections and bacteria and also uric acid crystals in the joint.

Dr. David :

sometimes blood tests for uric acid can be low but you could still have a gout attack and inflammation of uric acid in the toe.

Dr. David :

it doesn't sound like you have had any aspiration of the fluid out of the toe joint for evaluation.

Dr. David :


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