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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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there, I have a niggly pain on right side of my stomach

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Hi there, I have a niggly pain on right side of my stomach in line with my navel. Not agony just irritating. It went away but has come back. It seems to coincide with as pain in my back on the right just under my ribcage, which is sore when pressed and my osteo says is muscular. Could the two be connected? I thought the tummy was IBS but not sure now. Sometimes I also have some groin discomfort. I had urine tests last week and a tiny bit of protein was found so my doc asked for more urine tests which apparently are fine. Might I have had a mild infection? I do get pains in my back but as I have back problems this doesn't alarm me, but of course they could have as different origin. I do get flatulence but I also get stressed so again I am assuming some connection. No other worrying symptoms like blood in urine etc. I have occasional heartburn. I am seeing my GP tomorrow but I am wondering what exactly to ask. Any thoughts please?

Hi. Does the pain ever seem to radiate from your back around to the navel area?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry - it was impossible to respond from my mobile - a pop up from a 'Family Physician' kept coming in and then I was asked to pay for another doctor as you weren't around - even though I have a subscription.

The pain wasn't really in my navel area but seems to be now that you've put it in my mind (see what I mean about somatising!) It's mostly where I first mentioned but I also have some back pains which my osteo says are muscular and do feel like they are when I dig my thumb in and massage them.

I can also press various parts of my stomach and feel pain.

I do pilates for my back but wonder if I may have strained something. Or picking up grandkids (my own not random ones)

I'm not too worried except that having had two cancers (testicular and prostate) I tend to go there whenever I have anything.

I also work a lot at a desk as I'm a writer so my posture not great -and I have a slight scoliosis and also wear and tear at the base of my spine (spondylitis?)

Any help?

Thanks. If it's tender where your abdominal pain is then this isn't related to your back. Sometimes a disk problem in the back with nerve root compression can radiate around into the abdomen, but there wouldn't be any abdominal tenderness. Doesn't sound like more than a muscle pull but you should have your doctor take a look since pain around the navel could be from an umbiical hernia
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