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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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my mum,who is 85yrs,was admitted into a care home 4yrs ago,for

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my mum,who is 85yrs,was admitted into a care home 4yrs ago,for high risk falling.Since then 4yrs on,she has lost all self respect and dignity,she has to be hoisted by two assistants to go to the toilet,she has bed-sores,she is high in in-continence,just to digress from her physical-health,she is mentally sound,composmentis,but they are saying this is a primary need,and not a health one,surely if someone,especially a old lady cant take herself to the toilet,this is a health need.I have come to the conclusion the NHS,just dont want to pay for her care,and the consequence,she will lose her flat,but i am living in it her son 51yrs,i have high chronic-anxiety,for OCD,surely if i have mental health issues they can boot me out of mums flat,so it can be sold to pay for her care-home-fees surely not,can you answer,this for me,i shall be most grateful to your goodself,and indebted to you as abrahams.

Hi--I understand all you said above but I'm not quite certain about the exact question you have?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

is it a health need my mothers,and not a primary one,with the details i have given to you,so i can stay in my mums flat,which is a asset for care-home fees and be sold,if the nhs,dont pay for cotinuing health care

OK Carl. This is definitely a health need in your mother's case. With her physical conditions she can defintely be classified as medically disabled and entitled to continuing health care paid for by the NHS. So you can stay in her flat and it doesn't have to be sold
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

can you send me a letter in black and white,confirming your answer,so i can give my solicitor,who is working on my mums case,and you have answered it superbly,but no letter,or evidence to show my lawyer,dr chip.

I can't send you a letter Carl, but you can print this page and if necessary your lawyer can contact me through this site and we can discuss it further