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My daughter has been suffering from violent headaches after

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My daughter has been suffering from violent headaches after suffering a very bad seizure last week. She was diagnosed with a arnchnoid cysts two years ago and the recent scan said it was causing slight distoration on the right temporal lode? She suffers very aggressive behaviour with outbursts of rage every day. She has trouble walking. She also suffers from M.E./CFS and eating disorder. Do you think the cyst could be a problem or is all this agressive behaviour caused by the other conditions? She has suffered severe headaches for two years. The cyst is about 3cm. The seizure she experienced last week started in a fit of rage then she went on the floor jerking and shaking and screaming and absolutely wrecking the place with bycycle movements. Disturbed out of her mind she was. It last for 20 minutes. She felt very confused and exhausted after it? She is also expecting her period which is two months late? Any ideas why she is so poorly? Many thanks.
Hello from JustAnswer.
Has she had seizures before this episode last week?
If the seizures are a chronic problem, how often is she having seizures?
What evaluation has been done for the seizures?
What is she currently taking for the seizures?
Did the recent scan show that the arachnoid cyst was larger than it was 2 years ago?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
She's had two seizures before they wouldn't measure the cyst she is not in any medication for the seizures? Her aggressive behaviour has increased dramatically over the last few years and her moods are very variable.
Has she had an EEG?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No one was booked but the neurologist cancelled it? Said they were psychotic seizure which we found a very hurtful thing to say??? In your opinion is that possible. Have you no idea why she is so ill. Would any of her other problems cause this behaviour??
I am not sure why the doctor would have made that statement. Certainly, nothing in what you have relayed thus far would indicate this, although her doctor may be aware of some medical information that was not relayed to you.

At this point, I would want to get an EEG done, as it is possible that she may be having a type of seizure disorder affecting the temporal lobe. Most people are familiar with the type of seizure that involves muscular activity of the entire body, called a grand mal seizure, as this it the most common manifestation of seizures. There is another type of seizure that can arise in the temporal lobe that can have a variety of unusual symptoms, including various emotional disturbance - most often fear, but can be other emotions, such as anger. It also can cause other symptoms, such as a recollection of prior experiences, a loss of awareness of the environment, altered sensations or hallucinations. It is also possible for a temporal lobe seizure to secondarily become a general seizure, which would then have the muscular activity involving the entire body.

There also are rare reports of people with temporal lobe seizures that have emotional issues, such as aggression, between the episodes of seizures.

An arachnoid cyst will not cause any symptoms in many people, but in the people in whom it can cause symptoms, one of the symptom that it can cause would be seizures from irritation of the brain under the cyst. Other symptoms from an arachnoid cyst would include headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or imbalance. It is also common to find arachnoid cysts in people with seizures and the cyst has nothing to do with the seizure disorder. The method to be able to say whether an arachnoid cyst is contributing to a seizure disorder is to obtain an EEG, to look for evidence of abnormal electrical activity in the area of the brain around the cyst.

So, I would recommend that you discuss this recent episode with her doctor and again discuss obtaining an EEG.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your answer. Can the EEG be done at any time or does it have to be done during a seizure episode? What does slight distortion of the right temporal lode mean? Thanks for your help! Could the M.E.\CFS cause this problem or the eating disorder? The way you described the emotional side symptoms of the seizure is exactly how she is?
An initial EEG is typically done between seizures, because it is usually impossible to know when a seizure will happen. In a small number of cases, extra evaluation may need to be done to try to capture an EEG during a seizure, but this is usually only practical in someone having more frequent seizures or seizures that can be precipitated by specific stimuli, such as flashing lights.

Slight distortion only means that the cyst is pressing on the brain beneath it, but this is to be expected from any cyst of a size larger than the fluid space around the brain.

Neither the ME/CFS or the eating disorder will cause seizures unless it is of such severity as to cause metabolic disturbances, such as electrolyte abnormalities or profound hypoglycemia. They also will not directly cause the emotional disturbances or aggressive outbursts, although these conditions can cause certain mental health problems, such as depression, and these mental health problems can cause emotional symptoms.
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