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I had a pace maker inserted four weeks ago, and two weeks after

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I had a pace maker inserted four weeks ago, and two weeks after the operation my left arm started to swell and it is getting worse in the last few days. I had an ECG, blood test and an X ray done at the A&E department at the Royal Free hospital last Tuesday. I was discharged on the same night and the emergency doctor confirmed that the ECG, the Blood test results and the X ray were good and did not show any clotting/DVT problem. My arm still swollen and since yesterday the area around my elbow became more swollen and I find it painful when I use my left hand. Please I need your advise.
This is Dr. David

I think some of your left axilla lymph nodes could have been damaged in your pacemaker placement procedure.

this can cause lymphedema in your left arm. you should be seen an a lymphedema clinic there in the uk

you might need to eleavte your left arm up above your heart to decrease fluid edema buildup in your arm

also you could get a compression stocking customized for your left arm to help squeeze fluid out of your arm.

exercise and muscle contraction of your left arm can help push fluid out of your arm as well.

have you been elevating your left arm up over your heart on a pillow to help decrease swelling?
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