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Dr Uzair
Dr Uzair, Doctor
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, last month if I knock, suddenly move or press

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Hello, for the last month if I knock, suddenly move or press the right side of my right breast I get a terrible burning pain on the left side that lasts about 20 minutes. It it very strong burn pain but there is no lump or noticeable difference? I have no idea what it is and it's even waking me up. I am 44 in good health, doing lots of excercise but have been very stressed with my business. i have a 17 yr old son whom i breast fed for 2 years. Please can you advise what it might be?

Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.
If there is no appreciable lump, then this is most likely nerve impingement of one of the intercostal nerves that supply the lateral (outer) side of the breast. The most notable feature of nerve pain is that it is like an electric shock and is often manifested as burning, pins and needles or numbness.
I would suggest that you have your breasts examined to exclude any hidden lumps and if there are none, then you should seek treatment on the lines of mastalgia due to nerve impingement, a breast specialist and a pain management specialist can help you with that by either an injection in the culprit intercostal space or by starting you on pain medication.
Mean while, I would advise that you wear a firm bra during the day and a soft one at night, massage the area with Ibuprofen liquigel four times a day and sleep on a rigid mattress to keep the throacic spine in its normal curvature.
Hope this helps.
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Let me know if you have any further concerns about this.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have read it is a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer? I'm now scared, could it he possible to have this without any other symptoms?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Are you answering my last question? bit confused how this works, thank you

Yes, I am answering your queries till you have your answers.
Inflammatory breast cancer is a very aggressive cancer and this is a rather shy presentation. Inflammatory breast cancer presents with fungating mass on the skin, it is very painful, foul smelling and there is nipple discharge and a lump appreciable.
This is not inflammatory breast cancer. Please do not google your symptoms since, it shows cancer at the end of every symptom you enter.
Please do leave a positive rating for the service. I will continue to answer your queries after that as well.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you