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Dr. David
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was diagnosed long time ago with hiatal hernia. It seemed

Hi was diagnosed long time... Show More
Hi was diagnosed long time ago with hiatal hernia. It seemed to go away but lately it back..been taking medium 40.iv been to gp again and told to continue medium.I'm very overweight.ivcut out all fattyfoods and walking to loose weight,my problem is the gnawing hungry pain in my back and shoulders.what can I do to help get better again.I'm 51. .please help I'm a carer caring for a disabled boy my son,can't afford to b sick all time mary
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This is Dr. David

being very overweight can increased pressure on your stomach organ and push your stomach up above the diaphram and this can cause hiatal hernia

that is good you are working on eating healthier and walking to loose weight.

loosing weight will help decrease pressure in your abdomen and hopefully your hiatal hernia will get better

you need to eat more fruits and vegetables to help increase fiber to help increase your metabolism as well.

if you have excessive stomach acid in your stomach, this can cause this gnawing hungry pain in your stomach.

you should see a GI doctor and get an upper endoscopy scope procedure to look down into your stomach to check for stomach ulcers from acid damage. your GI doctor can check for H Pylori bacterial infection in your stomach.

you also have to avoid alcohol and beer which can also wear away at your stomach lining and cause stomach ulcers as well.

have you had an upper endoscopy scope procedure before?

do you drink alcohol?
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much,yes I had scope years ago which diagnosed hiatal hernia,don't get a burning taste in my mouth,just a hungry gnawing pain after eating or if hungry,I'm eating very little so losing weight,I'm hoping all this settle soon

you have to also exercise to loose weight as well.