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My partner has suffered from three bad colds in the past six

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My partner has suffered from three bad colds in the past six months. Prior to this he would cough for approx. six weeks every Autumn. He went to see his Doctor who prescribed a nasal spray for Post Nasal Drip. When my partner finished the spray he suffered another bad cold.
He often brings up green mucus and coughs badly during the night with these colds. When he was a young boy he suffered from asthma but grew out of it. He is very sensitive to small amounts of dust. He can also get an irritated nose when outside yet is not too bad when mowing the lawn. I am wondering if he is suffering from allergies which are then producing several colds? I suffer from allergies and know I used to get a lot of colds prior to being diagnosed.
Hello, I Ma Dr Ken and I will be helping you today. Were any investigations obtained to see for the cause or severity?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, all the Doctor did at the time was diagnose post nasal drip but my partner did not suffer from such frequent colds at the time. He had the ongoing cough which he seems to suffer every Autumn. He also had a bad cold last Spring, again in November then February this year and now.

You are right - I would also think of allergy as the culprit. However I would like to rule out few other causes like - Infection at the lungs or throat which had not healed completely and hence recurred/ bronchiectasis {abnormal dilatation of the lung bronchi or airways}.
Next step - Few investigations like blood tests {to look for diabetes, vitamin deficiency}/ chest x ray/ x ray for sinuses {which may be acting as focus of infection}.
As of now - He should have balanced diet, adequate fluid/ avoid alcohol, smoking or any known allergens/ steam inhalation and warm water gargles {with pinch of salt} helps.
Wish him well.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your help. He has a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. He doesn't drink or smoke. I will suggest your comments on getting it investigated, and we'll also try your other suggestions too.

I am happy that he is a non-smoker or drinker.
Good luck.
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