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does Disulfarm( antabuse) have an impact on drugs such as

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does Disulfarm( antabuse) have an impact on drugs such as cocaine or amphetamines? I thought it only was alcohol but now I am unsure.

and how does naltrexone work? does this block all drugs as well?

This is Dr. David

clinical trials studying whether disulfiram could be used to treat patients who abuse both alcohol and cocaine have shown that disulfiram effectively decreases cocaine consumption

however, the mechanism of it decreasing cocaine use is not known.

this is a reseach trial on it

disulfram enhances the effect of amphetamines in this trial

but you really should not be using disulfram when you use these drugs

let me know if you have questions.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok. But can will i get a similar reaction of taking cocaine or amphetamines when on antabuse as when having alcohol? I would not touch alcohol but find it hard to stay clean from drugs.

How does naltrexone work? And does it block drugs and alcohol ?

most likely you will not get the same effect with those drugs like with alcohol.

naltrexone blocks multiple opioid receptors

naltrexone has been shown to help decrease cravings and use of cocaine and amphetamines

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok. but why. it does not explain if it will or will not give the same effect. I am worried because I have an experience of the antabuse effects and feel ill. I have similar effect as when taking small amount alcohol. So the antabuse would block or make me ill? Or is it something else. I noticed syntoms since 4 days, but it got worse each day since starting antabuse. Psych did not tell me it effects amphetamines/ other/ cocaine/ and I was told if I drink I will get very ill.

antabuse will not cause the same reaction with drugs.

but you should not be taking drugs while on antabuse.

it could be causing some of the ill effect because of cocaine.

you need to stop your use of cocaine.

talk to your doctor about naltrexone
Dr. David and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you