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my partner has a diagnosis of OCD he suffers from anxiety and

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my partner has a diagnosis of OCD he suffers from anxiety and depression. his OCD (Contamination and hand washing) seems to be managed well. he is high functioning. however he over the last seven years has experienced what he calls bullying. When this started it all sounded reasonable. seven years later and about six jobs later (he is a contractor) he still talks of bullying based on people coughing loudly, making loud noises to scare him. is this potentially an OCD thing or another issue. I know he had lots of trauma in his childhood he sees a therapist for this, I struggle to help him don't want to prop up an illogical belief but don't went tt appear unsupportive saying it is not happening
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
This is absolutely related to his OCD
I'm quite sure this is just normal coughing or talking loudly yet his OCD perceives it as loud pitches or noises.
He could also have a mild form of autism or aspberger's that is causing this.
many people are "on the spectrum" and have dealt with it
there is a strong correlation between OCD and being on the spectrum
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you, ***** ***** currently seeing a psychotherapist and this does not seem to have shifted his perception. both he and myself have talked about him having Asperger's traits (I work with trauma and disabilities in children). I am pretty certain this is just coughing in the office, he is highly sensitive to noise. It is getting to the point that I worry he can not work, he is trying to find links between each company to understand why it keeps happening. Is this something CBT would help with or is there other options of medication etc

I think CBT could help but you need someone trained in aspbergers
He might even need to go to wearing ear plugs so the noise doesn't bother him