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Dr. D. Love
Dr. D. Love, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Family Physician for 10 years; Hospital Medical Director for 10 years.
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Thank you help.are you saying that losing weight quickly

Customer Question

Thank you for ur help.are you saying that losing weight quickly can mimic gallbladder symptoms.cos I'm I'm hungry all time feel lie a hole in my stomach and gnawing hungry pains.also is it OK to try aloevera and other natural medicines while taking other medicine zoton fastab as I earlier called proton.will it take long to start feeling etter
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 2 years ago.
Hello again.

Actually, eating a low fat and calorie restricted diet and losing weight can precipitate gallbladder disease. It is not just a mimic of gallbladder disease. It is true gallbladder disease.

When eating a low fat and calorie restricted diet, the gallbladder contents are not needed as much, so the gallbladder contents remain in the gallbladder for longer periods of time. The gallbladder concentrates the bile that is stored in the gallbladder and bile that remains in the gallbladder for longer periods of time will get more concentrated than usual. Then it is easier for gallstones to form.

The majority of people that lose weight do not develop gallbladder disease, but weight loss, and particularly rapid weight loss, is associated with an increased risk for gallbladder disease.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I asked about natural remedies aloevera etc

Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 2 years ago.
It is OK to take aloe vera and natural remedies with the medicines, but there is no clinical evidence that it will lead to accelerated healing. There is some clinical evidence to support the use of aloe vera as a home remedy, but there is no evidence that it will add to the effectiveness of the prescription medicines. There also is no evidence that it will hurt or interfere with the medicines, so it is OK to take and it may work for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sorry to keep annoying you but at moment I have no quality of life with this.I'm afraid to eat anything,I go long periods without food.does it heal and how long cos before it took months,its very upsettting

Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 2 years ago.
The time to healing depends upon the cause. Acid irritation syndromes will usually heal within weeks, but for those people that do not respond to the initial medicine, time to heal cannot be predicted. On the other hand, gallbladder disease usually does not heal and surgery is usually necessary.