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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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I've been suffering with neck pain that radiates sometime

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Hello, I've been suffering with neck pain that radiates sometime down my left arm, but goes up the back of my head and onto the top of my head. Do you think it's a trapped nerve? Roy, from Sussex.
This is Dr. David

it could be a pinched or trappered nerve in your neck or cervical spine.

it would be best if you could get a cervical spine MRI scan with contrast to look at the bones and disks and nerves in your neck

this MRI scan can check for herniated disks out of position which can press on nerves exiting the spinal cord.

the longer you have pressure on the nerve causing pain radiating down your arm, the more likely you are to have long term nerve damage.

do ask your doctors for an MRI scan of your neck as soon as possible.

it can be hard to get an MRI scan in the UK sometimes. some patients pay privately for an MRI scan to get one quicker

it would be unlikely for your pain radiating down your left arm to be heart related, but in rare cases, heart attacks or lack of blood flow to the heart can cause pain radiating down the left arm. but would not tend to cause pain going to the top of the head

let me know if you have questions.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I use a heat pad at the base of my neck to help release the pain in my neck and head, how dose this work,? And I'm having a Mir scan Thursday, i do have shoulder and back pain could the trapped or pinched nerve be there? Roy.
yes, a neck or upper shoulder pinched nerve could be causing the pain

I'm glad you are getting a MRI scan this thursday

let me know what it shows

keep using the heating pad.