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My daughter is 12 years old and is being treated genetic

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My daughter is 12 years old and is being treated for a genetic disorder similar to Turner Syndrome. She has primary ovarian failure and is going to start hormone treatment in November (estrogen). for the past few days she has been suffering with bad tummy pain and a few times she has been to the toilet for a wee she has had some blood on the tissue. Last night she called me into the bathroom to show me the blood on the tissue and it was a yellowy green discharge with blood flecks. I took her to a doctor today, her urine was tested and it was clear of infection, the doctor said perhaps she is getting ready for he rperiod despite her condition!! How's this possible. I'm at a loss as to what to do next. She is in pain again now which is making her feel nauseous. Her normal temperature is 35.8 it is up slightly to 37.6. Do you have any idea as to what may be wrong with the poor girl? And should I take her back to the doctor? Many thanks
Hello,I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today. I would get ultrasound of abdomen to look for any signs of infection in bladder/ calculus in bladder. This may cause irritation of the bladder wall and lead to passing of blood. Stool analysis may be needed too to rule out any bowel infection. Ultrasound would also help us to look at the uterus and endometrial lining {inner margin of the uterus}. If pain is severe than you need to take her to the doctor for sure. As of now - She should have balanced diet, adequate fluid/ Cranberry juice helps reduce inflammation. Motrin {Ibuprofen}, warm compress should give relief from pain.Wish her well.Best
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for reply. Should I take her back to the doctors then and request an ultrasound? I'm worried that if it is left untreated, whatever it is, it could possibly lead to something more severe than what it is now. Something I noticed last night when she wiped herself after emptying her bowel, she wipes herself completely wrong. She wipes towards her vaginal area and not away from it as she should. Could this have any bearing on the problem, i.e caused infection?

Yes, you need to take her to the doctor to get the investigations ordered. She wipes wrong way and this is the common cause of urinary tract infection in females as the urethra is smaller in females {infection reaches bladder faster}. You need to explain it to her.Please do not worry, she will be fine.Best