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Eight years ago I was given Zoladex injections into the abdomen.

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Eight years ago I was given Zoladex injections into the abdomen. Within two weeks, I felt a sudden small explosive sensation in my abdomen. Discomfort then pain with chronic constipation followed. There has been much head scratching as apparently I have just a small cystocele and rectocele, normal colonic transit but with only recently diagnosed and recto dysfunction, and it has emerged that I have a low slung pelvic floor. Is it possible that although my pelvic organs are in the correct position relative to each other; that there is a more general descent? I still have massive distension and constant pain, bulging sensation in my vagina, ridged and flat minute faeces and I have had to west maternity trousers since 2007. Should I have an MRI? Not had one. Only CT of and, pelvis.
Hello from JustAnswer.

Whether there is a general descent of the pelvic organs depends upon what you mean by the term. If there is a low slung pelvic floor, that would also include that the pelvic organs are going to be lower, as they are supported by the pelvic floor. However, if you are asking whether the pelvic organs can have a greater descent than the low slung pelvic floor, that would be excluded by the pelvic organs having normal position relative to each other.

It is possible for the pelvic organs to descend further than a low slung pelvic floor, although that would usually be obvious. For example, if the uterus descends, then it would lie lower in the vagina or start to prolapse through the vaginal opening. Since your pelvic organs are in the correct position relative to each other, this apparently is not happening to you.

So, there is some general descent that is associated with the low slung pelvic floor, but there would not be a greater amount of descent, since the organs are maintaining their correct position relative to each other.

There also is no advantage to getting an MRI to address the pelvic organs. However, if the anal-rectal dysfunction is thought to be due to a problem with the nerves that serve the rectum and anus, an MRI of the spine would be appropriate to consider.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for that.

You are most welcome.

I hope that I have provided excellent service.