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Dr Uzair
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My daughter has recently been having spells where there is

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My daughter has recently been having spells where there is a lot of pain in her left leg. They last about 15 minutes and occur when she has been in a fixed sitting position for some time - for example in a car seat or watching a movie. There is nothing structurally wrong - when not affected she can run and jump off walls etc. The doctor recommended ibroprufen as n initial suggestion then take her to hospital. The hospital confirmed that there is nothing wrong with her bone structure. What could be the problem?
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.
If the pain is related to a specific posture, comes in spells and is intense then this is more likely to be due to compression of the sciatic nerve. Since, there is no specific area of the leg that is tender or having pain, and also there is no structural abnormality like swelling or inflammation any where further confirms that the pain might be neuronal in etiology.
Such an impingement can be at the lower lumbosacral spine from where the sciatic nerve exits the spinal cord and also can be somewhere along its course through the pelvis. Nerve impingement can cause radiculopathy which results in intense pain, pins and needles sensation, muscle cramps etc.
I would suggest that you have a neurological exam of her legs, electrodiagnostic studies of both her legs and if any positive findings then an MRI of the lumbosacral spine done.
If there is any abnormality found then it should be addressed.
Mean while, I would suggest Ibuprofen liquigel massage on the left leg thrice or four times a day and also on the lower back. Keep her well hydrated to avoid muscle cramps and also keep the left leg elevated over a pillow while she sleeps.
Let me know if you have further concerns about this.
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Best wishes.
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