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I have had Botox and fillers in tear troughs in nov of last

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I have had Botox and fillers in tear troughs in nov of last year. A fortnight later I got what seemed to be conjunctivitis-took eye drops and got a bit worse. Went to optician and thought had allergic reaction to drops. Seem Dr who placed fillers etc and he said not a reaction to that treatment. Since then I have had to go to eye casualty because no improvement with antihistamines, antibiotics (oral) and eye wash. Hospital put me on steroid eye drops and said had chronic papillary conjunctivitis. Only discomfort at night now and eyes are still sticky/oily in the morning and I now have occasional slight problem opening them which I think to b down to the eye muscles not because they are stuck together. I have had both bacterial and viral swabs done which came back fine. I'm at a loss as to what to do or the cause of these problems. I have no further appointments with gp or hosp.
Hi. Have you been screened for autoimmune disorders, especiallly Sjogren's syndrome?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have had 10 blood tests done-crp, smac, tft, anti ccp, Urate, autoimmune screen, esr, fbp b12 folate and iron-all came back fine. My son has sticky eyes in the morning also but no pain. My eyes don't bother me very much during the day, it's just when I close my eyes they start. It's like I have grit in them altho lubricating eye drops help a bit.
OK--were you checked for blocked tear ducts?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK--just to make sure here--have you seen an ophthalmologist, and, if so, what did he have to say?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My general optician said I had conjunctivitis and what looks like an allergic reaction -that was in November. Seem gp who referred me to eye specialist in hospital and they said it was chronic papillary conjunctivitis and on review with them they said it hadn't effected my corneas and that there was still some signs of conjunctivitis there but that will go away in a few months! This thing with opening them in the morning is just new.
OK--and exactly what is the problem now with opening them in the morning?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As soon as I close them at night they feel uncomfortable and when I wake up and try to open them it feels like the muscles are weak and takes me a minute to fully open them. They are a bit sticky, crusty and stingy first thing. My eyelids are quite low/look heavy also if that makes sense altho this isn't a new thing. And my eyes are never white anymore-more of a yellow tinge to them.

OK In that case, even if you've had culture swabs in the past, this sounds like a bacterial conjunctivitis and you need antibiotic eye drops for that. You need to see your GP as soon as possible for that

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's what was diagnosed initially however I have had both antibiotic eye drops and oral antibiotics and both did nothing. The steroid eye drops are the only thing that helped and the lubricating drops. I have since stopped the steroid ones. With those blood tests does that rule out that thing u said to get tested for? This has been going on for months nowūüė©
I'd still refer you to a rheumatologist for more tests since Sjogren's is difficult to diagnose and from what you've told me that would be what I suspect is the problem here
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