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Meteopathy??? I seem to be very sensitive to weather changes,

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Meteopathy??? I seem to be very sensitive to weather changes, especially very hot weather, and even more so thunderstorm weather. Today all day the air feels stuffy, heavy, thick, it is quite warm (23C). Heavy rain & thunder storm are expected later. It has been expected for days. First thing in the morning wasn't too bad, I just felt "sluggish" and a bit slow and brain-foggy. But after a slightly stressy morning (school/kindergarten/an hour's work), when I went outside again I suddenly felt very unwell, faintish, weak, short of breath, and shortly after I started experiencing pain in my chest - roughly in the heart area, a constant pain, not the usual short sharp pains. I felt really awful, completely weak and fait, could barely walk, and when I was walking up the stairs it was like climbing a high mountain with very little air, just felt out of breath and on the verge of collapsing. This all lasted a good hour. I actually had to sit down and do nothing, until the pain slowly subsided, although every time I got up the pain and weekness were back. My BP and pulse seemed fairly normal throughout. Abd incidentally I had an ECG last week which was all OK (apart from a slightly raised QTc at 110-114% / 430-440 which seems to be my "norm").
Anyway, I know weather has affected me (since having CFS/ME), but today was just awful. Am I correct in assuming the weather changes could be responsible for how I feel, and also what can I do about it???
Hello, I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today. Do you have any diagnosed medical condition - diabetes, altered blood pressure, thyroid imbalance? Were any blood tests obtained to look for the cause?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I recently had very extensive blood tests done by my endocrynologist (re. PMS and CFS) and all was fine (apart form slightly raised insulin level and slightly lower blood sugar after eating). BP is normal, thyroid is normal, no other problems. Oh, I have the odd ectopic beats but apparently I just get them.

Thank you for additional information. Before putting it on change in temperature or thunderstorm I would like to rule out more common causes first - Low blood pressure/ hypotension {may be related to change in posture}/ inflammation of middle ear {can cause feel weak with nausea and vertigo}/ anemia, vitamin deficiency. I am happy that thyroid levels are normal. It is one of the common causes at your age. I assume Free T3 and T4 levels were obtained.Next step - I would get blood tests to look for anemia, vitamin deficiency and thyroid {}free levels - if not obtained}/ MRI Brain with angiogram - to look for any changes of atherosclerosis causing reduced blood flow to brain. A evaluation by neurologist would help.Best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I first thought my blood pressure had dropped but I checked it several times and it was normal (both sitting and on standing up); the middle ear is also out as I get this regularly and it is entirely different - no spinning sensation/dizziness). Anemia and vitamin deficiencyalso out - blood test checked for all of these too.

I have a neurologist appt coming up re. migraines so will ask as well.

However, this would not account for the pain in the chest presumeably? And last year in the summer I spent a whole week in a chair/bed during hot/thundery weather. And whenever thunder is due, I tend to feel unwell. This time tough, as I said, was much worse...hence the question.

You are right - it seems to be related to the change in weather BUT as a professional I would rule out other causes first :)Reduced blood flow to brain - if due to atherosclerosis can lead to chest pain too - can be due to spasm of vessels of the heart or lungs. Reflux disease needs to be looked for too - Upper GI scopy should help.I am happy that you have an appointment scheduled with neurologist.Good Luck
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