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Dr. David
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I am from Malta I have e cyst on my left thyrod lobe Some

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Hi I am from Malta I have e cyst on my left thyrod lobe Some nodules on my right lobe 18 months ago I drained the cyst & had test & biopsy to check for cancer cells etc it was all positive now the cyst is full again & the Surgen told to remove the left thyrod Part only on my doctor report I am confused if I do the operation or not can some one help me please or suggest me a thyrod expert in uk in the area of surrey
This is Dr. David

your biopsy for cancer cells was all "positive"?

is a london hospital with endocrine surgeons who can talk to you about thyroid surgery.

did your prior thyroid biopsy show thyroid cancer?

do you have the results of your prior thyroid biopsy?

you need thyroid surgery only if prior thyroid biopsy shows thyroid cancer.

thyroid nodules larger than 1cm in size have a 20% of being cancerous.

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No the prior thyrod biopsy 18 months ago shows that there is no evidence of cancer the only thing that happen is that the left cyst is filled again I don't have any problems regarding my healt I feel healty
your doctors should do another thyroid biopsy if the cyst has come back.

if the cyst is larger than 1cm in size, it should be biopsied.

if the biopsy does not show cancer, you don't need thyroid surgery.

there are also new genetic mutation panel testing on biopsies which can also detect presence of thyroid cancer.

in the USA, this is the type of genetic mutation panel to check for mutations associated with thyroid cancer.
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