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Can you suggest any natural ways of handling anxiety tablets

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Can you suggest any natural ways of handling anxiety tablets just seem to make things worse
Welcome to the site.
Well, the below mentioned natural agents / substances have been considered most effective against anxiety and they unlike their medical counterparts are relatively much less side effects if at all and far more easy to tolerate by the body system.
1) Kava supplements. Kava is a herb which has been found to be very effective against anxiety. The only drawback it has is that for those with liver problems, this herb needs to be used cautiously as it can worse the liver functions in some rare cases.
2) Valerian root extract is also a herbal medicine which acts like a tranquilizer and alleviates anxiety and brings calmness and relaxation. It is considered quite safe with no apparent side effects.
3) St. John's wort. This herbal drug is basically known for its highly effective anti depressant action for which it is widely used for depression. But in addition to this, it also ha anti anxiety action which makes its use in anxiety worth a try. It is also a safe natural remedy but it should not be used if you are already using an anti depressant drug.
So kindly discuss with your doctor and choose any one of these. You shall give at least 2-4 weeks to the chosen natural remedy so as to expect positive outcome from it in terms of improvement in your anxiety.
I hope this helps.
Wish you all the best.
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