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Had back surgery 2 yrs ago. first month felt a new man. second

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had back surgery 2 yrs ago. first month felt a new man. second month started getting real sharp pains lower right side hip area, down top of leg (not below the knee). revealed I had scar tissue from operation. now going to pilates and stretching as often as possible. problem is I always feel so stiff in the areas I am trying to stretch out, and I still get sharp pains when I do the most mundane things like getting off a chair, walking down a hill, turning from standing etc. apparently an operation will not help (NHS). any thoughts ?
I am 44 and quite fit.
This is Dr. David

scar tissue often forms after surgeries. back surgery should always be left as the last possible option for therapy.

why did you need back surgery 2 years ago. you are young to have back surgery.

sounds like scar tissue is pressing on nerves in the back causing sharp pains

that is good you are doing pilates and stretching as often as possible.

accupuncture could help decrease some of your back pain after spine surgery.

also a TENs unit or an implanted neurostimulator can help distract some of your back spine nerves from pain and help decrease pain. usually pain management doctors do these sorts of procedures for patients who have had back spine surgery and still feel back pain after surgery.

a lidocaine patch 5% on your back could help decrease pain

in some patients, they can benefit from local focused steroid injections into their back near areas of pinched nerves from scar tissue to help decrease inflammation and pressure around nerves as well. a pain management doctor or interventional radiologist could possibly do this for you.

have you had a spine MRI scan with contrast recently to look at your back and nerves in the area of the surgery?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I had a protruding disc that was affecting my lower back.

how do I go about finding the doctors you mention. should I go to my GP or can you recommend someone. I live in Glasgow, Scotland

I see.

you should go to your GP doctor and ask if he knows of doctors in your area with these skills and expertise.

you might have to go to a large hospital like Glasgow Royal Infirmary or others where there might be anesthesia doctors or pain management doctors who would be able to help you with your lower back pain

usually spine surgery isn't the first step in treating producing disk issue in the lower back. usually steroid pills and anti-inflammatories and physical therapy and steroid injections are used first before back surgery to help the disk go back into place.

if your GP doctor can't help you find these specialist, then your spine surgeon might be able to help you find some local specialist

or you might have to travel to the UK or London or Newcaste for a specialist

let me know if you have other questions.

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