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Does blood pressure go up whilst we sleep or down?

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does blood pressure go up whilst we sleep or down?

Hi. We can certainly continue after this if you'd like

In general blood pressure--both systolic and dyastolic numbers--drops by about 15% when one is asleep.

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Let me know if you need to talk more about this Chris
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am taking Bisoprolol 5mg in the morning. Nat evening if I take 4mg Cardura Doxasosin during sleep time blood pressure is arund 140to 145.over 85to 87. But at morning when I take Bisoprolol 5mg blood pressure goes very low abut 85 to 90 over 60 to 65. If at evening I take only 2.5 mg Doxasosin blood pressure at sleep time is up to 155 to 160 over 92 to 95. What is a satisfactory blood pressure whilst asleep espcailly after taking these medications?

OK. It sounds like your morning dosage of the bisoprolol is a bit too high and that needs to be lessened. In general we'd like to see the blood pressure stable in the 120's over the 80's range or thereabouts. So it sounds like your evening dosage of the doxasosin needs an increase. You need to discuss this with your doctor Chris.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Today I am trying to test by taking only 2.5mg Bisoprolol in the morning and then another 2.5 Bisoprolol in the evening. blood pressure ranged from 127 to 136 over 77 to 86 with a hike at 18.20 of 146 over 83 at which time I took the evening 2.5mg Bisoprolol. I do this because I am also in and out of arrhythmia since by catheter ablation 5 weeks ago and since Bisoprolol is one of the new blockers which also helps against arrhythmia. Would agree with my testing?

Those numbers sound pretty good Chris. Testing is fine but you really should let your doctor know what you're doing instead of experimenting on your own
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

GPs in UK havebecome a joke . You need three weeks to see a doctor. You cannot see you regular doctor mine I have ot wait for 6 months. yhey measure yoiur blood pressure in themorning and smile is Ok and forget. Terefore I have to expperiement by my self. When I realised that Doxasosin in the evening and Bissoprolol at morning was the casue of too low blood pressure where It made me feel very weak deasy, tired misty mind I had ot correct it my self. Iam seeing my sergeon in ten days and I wil lof course discuss with him but meantime I believe we all need to help our selves as wel linsteead of waiting for weeks until we see our doctor. Thank you for your advise hich is find very goos. I will give you a rating. good night

I understand Chris--take care