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Is there anything to increase appetite during chemotherapy

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Is there anything to increase appetite during chemotherapy ?

Hi and welcome to the site. My name is***** and I'll be providing medical information for you today.

In the location I practice, this would be an indication for the use of medical marijuana. There are particular strains that increase appetite without causing the psychoactive side effects. An expert in medicinal marijuana would be able to guide you on particular strain that would be most helpful. It can be provided in indigestible forms so as not to cause smoke concern.

Medicinal marijuana is also recognized in well designed studies to help with the nausea caused by chemotherapy.

I see that you are in the U.K. I don't know what the legal status of medicinal marijuana is where you are located. But in the U.S. the most obvious medicinal for this purpose would be marijuana.

I hope this information has been helpful. Please let me know if I can provide any more details.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Is megace any good ? And what is this marijuaan?

Yes Megace is used to treat appetite loss in patients undergoing chemotherapy. The effectiveness is mixed, it works well in some people and not well at all in others.It has more side effects than marijuana.

Marijuana is a plant that has been found helpful to treat various medical conditions. The strongest research evidence is for use as an appetite stimulant, anti-nausea and chronic pain conditions. It's also helpful in glaucoma and several other medical conditions. Because some strains of the plant have a side effect of feeling "high", the plant is not legal is some parts of the world. But in many parts of the U.S. where I practice, there are strains that do not cause "high", it's use as a medicine is legalized.

I just checked the status of marijuna is the UK and see that there are 2 medications that are available, Nabilone and Sativex. Otherwise it appears to me that medicial marijuana is less advanced as an accepted treatment in the U.K. Here is a link to some additional information:

It's also possible that acupuncture could be helpful in reducing nausea and therefore increasing appetite.

I hope this has been helpful.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thx so much .

he has no nausea

but just hates food he taste and smell during chemotherapy .

so it's not cannabis is oil I get right ?

Yes then he should consider the information above. Je's not alone in this struggle. And this is a very widely researched area of medicine so plenty of information out there.

Good luck. I hope you felt you got excellent service.
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