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My son has is currently being treated and anxiety

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My son has is currently being treated for depression and anxiety (nothing seems to be working)- we are also dealing with a benzodiazapam dependence/withdrawal which was the most likely cause of a seizure 8 weeks ago. He prescribed diazepam by an A&E consultant with a fax to the GP continue - the has played it by the book - prescribed for 6 weeks and reduced weekly (basically dropped like a bomb). In the meantime my son has been seen by the prescribing team and assessed by a clinical psychiatric nurse who then takes his assessment to a consulting psychiatrist who is attached to their organisation with a view to a prescribing programme of daily pick ups for diazepam (a safe and controlled way of weaning off benzo's) The complication is the prescribing plan cannot go ahead until the results of an MRI scan (after the seizure) have been reported so we are now into 2 weeks since the GP last prescribed diazepam ( it was a minute dosage anyway that was not sufficient) and the internet is his only source while we are in the system waiting. The other complication is the nurse who assessed him has suggested to him that he does not have severe depression - he has bipolar. It may be 2 more weeks before the consultant psychiatrist can see him before we can even get onto a prescribing plan. I was considering moving forward with a private diagnostic test for bipolar but guess this would not give an accurate assessment whilst dealing with the benzo issue - I am not going to get anywhere with the GP as he has to play it by the book - it is a desperate situation and I don't know which direction to move in and if I was going to put any money it some aspect of it privately - again where would be the most effective place to start?
This is Dr. David

it sounds like the NHS system is moving too slowly for you. you need to get the results back from the brain MRI scan. if the brain MRI scan and EEG testing show a cause for his seizures other than benzo withdraw, then this needs to be addressed. hopefully he had an EEG as well.

it could take a week or two to see a private psychiatrist as well.

if he has bipolar illness and anxiety and some seizure activity in the past, he might benefit from medications like depakote or valproic acid or Seroquel

if his symptoms get worse in the mean time, you might have to take him into the hosptial or A&E to be addressed in the short term.

I would get the MRI scan results back first before doing anything

let me know if you have questions.
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