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Im 26 years old and live in Uk . I would say

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hello, im 26 years old and live in Uk for 9years. I would say in during last 2 years my face is getting red too often, for an example if i go to town and meet someone, or when im on some pace first time and have to talk to people i never met before. I really dont like it and dont know what to do with it.Please can u help me please? i do not feel confy becouse if i planning to go somewhere i always start to think about that red face and its always happening :( Im from Slovakia a i have just red some coments from ppl with same problem. They said the doctor psychiatrist prescribed pills which called SEROXAT or XANAX or CALIXTA and they have a good results. They saying its stopping that red face.. People mentioned most of time about first two of them. Please text me if there is any way how to sort it. Thanks a lot. Maria
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.
This is known as facial flushing, it has essentially the same underlying mechanism as blushing but in flushing the response is more pronounced. This is also known as plethora.
This occurs when the blood vessels beneath the skin surface become dilated for any reason. This process can occur as a normal response to intense emotions, such as embarrassment, anger, guilt, anxiety or stress. Flushing is also a normal response to physical stimuli or events, such as sexual arousal, high environmental temperatures, exercise, or consumption of certain foods (spicy) and alcohol. Rosacea or adult acne, can also cause facial flushing.
Flushing can also be due to inflammation, allergic reactions and a syndrome known as carcinoid syndrome, but the later three are associated with other symptoms as well and not just facial flushing.
The treatment is based on the underlying cause of the facial flushing for example, if this is due to anxiety as it seems in your case or being shy - you mentioned having flushing when you encounter new people and being at a new place, then anxiolytics like Xanax and Seroxat can be of help. Since, these drugs effectively relieve anxiety, they also help with the facial flushing.
I would suggest that you see your GP and have yourself evaluated. Once anxiety and stress is identified as the cause of your flushing then you can be referred to a Psychiatrist, who can first try to use non pharmacological means to control your flushing and anxiety and if required can also prescribe medication to relieve it.
Hope this helps.
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Best wishes.
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