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Whilst I am on the site waiting for reply on my girlfriends

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Hi, whilst I am on the site waiting for reply on my girlfriends kidney infection, can I ask, I have a VSD......can you give me a reply on what this really means with regards ***** ***** everyday life? I know that most things I can do, other than tattoo's or peircings.....but any other info from another doctor rather than the internet would be great
It really would depend how big the VSD is and if it is affecting your heart function or rhythm.
A doctor will certainly hear a murmur. But if it is small you may not have any limitations.
You likely would be excluded from high level athletics, but if you do not have symptoms, can exercise- I would review the specifics with a cardiologist however as again depending on severity you may be at risk of a rhythm disturbance and that would limit activity as well.
Also if it is large enough or causing enough impact you may benefit from having it closed- again it is hard to talk in generalities without knowing your echocardiogram
Good luck
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