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My daughter is just over 6 weeks old, born just after 35 weeks.

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My daughter is just over 6 weeks old, born just after 35 weeks. She's been fit and well so far besides some reflux which is being treated. Today whilst being weighed, a health visitor touched her face and my daughter started sucking the woman's finger, and though she no doubt practices good personal hygiene, she had not washed her hands previously. She had some marks around her lips although none looked like active cold sore lesions. I have worried since that she might've passed hsv1 to my girl. I have not had it so she's not had antibodies. What should I watch out for, in terms of symptoms and is it unlikely to be transmitted in this way, rather than of she had kissed my daughter, for instance, which I don't think she did (though I'm not certain). Am I being over cautious - I cannot stop absolutely everyone touching my baby but I had hoped health professionals would wash their hands first and I'm really cross that she didn't and now I'm really worried. I know it's dangerous in newborns - but what about a 6-and-a-bit week old? Thanks.

Hi. I understand your concern here, but really there's no need to worry about this since there is no way HSV 1 can be transmitted like this. As for symptoms, of course the typical cold sore lesions would be what to look for but again, since the virus isn't transmitted this way I'm sure she won't be getting any of those.

Let me know if you need any more information about this

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks! I didn't realise it couldn't be transmitted through touch. Is it kissing only, and even then must it be on the mouth or eye rather than just skin? I don't think she kissed my daughter. There's some press articles here in the uk that suggest it's transmitted merely by touching another person after you've touched a cold sore but then again that is just a press story rather than medical literature. Even if she had touched her mouth and then her finger went in my daughter's that's still not likely?

Exactly. Your daughter really is in no danger here.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. I feel reassured. Do I just ignore things that say it's transmitted by skin to skin contact then? Sorry for needing lots of reassurance. This really upset me today. Thanks
It simply isn't transmitted from skin to skin--it takes a kiss or something like that. Nothing to worry about here. And, again, please don't forget to rate my service to you
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