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My name is ***** *****'m 35 years old.. I've had flu symptons

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My name is ***** ***** 35 years old.. I've had flu symptons since wednesday.. I'm feeling a little better but still aching.. I work away from home and arrived home at around 8 last night.. I have 3 sons. one is 5 years.. 2 years and a new born at 5 weeks. I'm extremely worried about passing this on to my 2 year old and baby. The five year old had the flu spray but the others haven't been vaccinated. I'm supposed to be on holiday for a week today in a caravan about*****away.. How likely are they to catch it? How can I prevent that from happening and what would you recommend... I've bought dettol and hand sanitiser. I'm covering my mouth when I talk and cough. Washing my hands frequently. I'm convinced it's flu... Nothing else flattens me like this. Please offer your advice.. I'm contemplating staying home for few days and meeting my family there on monday.. What would you recommend???$
Hello from JustAnswer.

There are several options to consider in this situation.

The risk of transmission of the flu to family members is a moderate risk, although it can be quite variable. However, attack rates can be as high as 50-60%.

There are several options to consider preventions of transmission. It is reasonable to aggressively use disinfectant and sanitizers, as you have already done. here also is a medicine, Tamiflu, that can be used in someone with the flu, but also given to immediate contact to prevent the flu. However, it is not recommended for children under 1 year of age. When used for the infected individual, it is preferred to start the drug within 48 hours of onset of symptoms, so if symptoms started Wednesday, you would be beyond the 48 hour window. If you are near the 48 hours window, it still may help you to take the medicine, as it will shorten symptoms and the duration of contagiousness.

If you are in a situation, though, in which you can be separate from the family, that might be the best intervention to limit the likelihood of transmission. In your case, remaining separate from the family until Monday would likely be the best intervention that would have the greatest impact on the entire family. If you are within the 48 hour window, then taking the Tamiflu would make it more likely that you will be not contagious by Monday.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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