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Dear Dr: I have hepatitis vaccine 8 years ago, Today I

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Dear Dr:
I have hepatitis B vaccine 8 years ago, Today I had a unprotected sex with my husband, he had hepatitis B when he was a child. Am I at risk of catching hepatitis B ?
Hello from JustAnswer.

You would typically not be at risk for hepatitis B in this situation.

First, someone that had a previous episode of hepatitis B would no longer be contagious. It would require someone to be currently actively infected with hepatitis B to be contagious.

Second, the vaccine would protect you from hepatitis B. No vaccine works 100% of the time, so we frequently will check a blood test to confirm that the vaccine has worked. But the vaccine is very effective and offers excellent protection against hepatitis B.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Dear Dr,

I had hepa B vaccine more than 8 years, Is the vaccine still effective? normally vaccine covers 5 years.

Yes, the hepatitis B vaccine still offers protection.

Each vaccine offers protection for various lengths of time. While some vaccines only offer protection for 5 years, some are shorter and some are longer. The flu vaccine is repeated each year, while many vaccines do not ever require being repeated.. The hepatitis B vaccine is one of the vaccines that typically does not require being repeated. It certainly provides long-term protection. Since the vaccine has only been routinely used for the last few decades, it is too early to say whether the protection is truly life long on a consistent basis, but the current evidence is that the protection is likely to be life long.
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