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I suffer from chronic sinusitis- are there any remedies that

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I suffer from chronic sinusitis- are there any remedies that might help me?
Hello from JustAnswer.
What evaluation has been done for the chronic sinusitis?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I suffer from mild hayfever and late onset asthma. Sinus pain from my frontal sinuses has been occuring every few weeks for the last 5 years, seems to be triggered by changes in the weather- wet weather.

Have you tried any medicine nasal sprays?
If so, what has been tried?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

3 months of beclomethasone nasal spray

Thank you for the additional information.

Intermittent nasal and sinus congestion/pain that has been occurring every few weeks for 5 years is more often an inflammatory problem, rather than an infectious problem.

The most common cause of chronic, recurrent inflammation of the nose and sinuses is allergies. Allergies can sometimes get worse in response to weather, depending upon the substance to which a person is allergic, called allergens. For example, certain allergens are more prominent during periods of higher humidity. Allergies can be very stubborn in some people, and may require multiple medicines. And someone with more severe, stubborn allergies may need an evaluation by an Allergist for consideration of allergy shots, also called desensitization shots.

However, there is another type of chronic inflammation that is frequently worse with changes in weather, called vasomotor rhinitis and sinusitis. The vasomotor type of inflammation will usually not respond to oral antihistamine/decongestants, although it will usually respond better to various types of nasal sprays. The steroid nasal sprays, such as the beclomethasone, is a reasonable choice. But if this does not work, the usual next step would be to add another nasal spray that works by a different mechanism called Atrovent NS. In reality, the Atrovent NS also may help with allergic inflammation, so may help either common problem.

The other consideration when someone is having chronic sinusitis is whether there is an anatomic condition that is exacerbating symptoms. For example, a benign growth, such as a polyp, may impair drainage from the sinuses and contribute to chronic symptoms. This would be less likely in someone with your pattern of symptoms, but it still would be appropriate to perform further evaluation to be certain that no such problem exists if there is no improvement to the use of another nasal spray.

So, at this point, it would be reasonable to try the Atrovent NS, and if this does not afford any improvement in symptoms, further evaluation would be appropriate.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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