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I am approaching 50 - and in the last two weeks I have been

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I am approaching 50 - and in the last two weeks I have been suffering from a real problem with bloatedness and wind, especially after eating a desert. I am also struggling to sleep as my heart keeps racing and I wake up sweating. Is this likely to be part of the menopause - and is there anything I can do? or do you think I may suddenly be reacting to something in my food?

Hi. We can continue after this if you'd like

The sweating and increased heart rate could well be from menopause but your gastric symptoms don't sound like that. The bloating and wind may be from an H pylori infection of your stomach and you need to see your doctor about that and be screened for it since if that's positive you need a course of antibiotics to eradicate the infection.

You need to have your hormones--estrogen and progesterone, FSH and LH--checked for menopause

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I finished a course of antibiotics two weeks ago - as I had been suffering from diahorrea. These symptoms have now gone but the feeling of bloatedness and wind have remained.

Well Alison it takes very specific antibiotics for H pylori but there's also a possibility of a C diff colon infection after having had antibiotics. It still would be a good idea to see your doctor about this
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I saw my doctor three weeks ago and he saw an infection from my blood test and gave me the antibiotics - so I hope they were the right ones. He also did a stool test and checked my stomach using ultra-sound - so I am hopeful this uncomfortable bloated feeling is nothing too serious - as he couldn't find anything wrong. I haven't changed my diet, exercise or lifestyle ... but wondered if I could have started becoming intolerant of a food - or is this unlikely?

Probably not a specific intolerance to food but another possibility would be irritable bowel syndrome. I still think you need the H pylori screening
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The problem is I live in Tanzania. I don't know if they have the facilities to do H pylori screening. How do they do this?

Either by a breath test or a specific blood test.

It may not be H pylori but I had to include that in the possibilities Alison

One thing you could try for now is to take a lactobacillus probiotic

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