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I have very very small almost untraceable blood in my urine

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I have very very small almost untraceable blood in my urine for the last 18 months. I have seen 2 urologist privately and under gone two KUB ultrasounds, which showed no abnormalities. They have both said that I have nothing to worry about as some time blood is present without explanation and the amounts are so small. I am very slim and the ultrasound machine was extremely sensitive and I was told that it would have picked up even the smallest 1mm lesion so I should not worry about cancer. I suffer from health anxiety so I do not want to have any tests unless it is absolutely necessary. Do you think that I should ask for more tests or is the risk so small that I should not worry unless the blood becomes visible.... Please can you reassure me. thank you. I am 51 postmenopausal woman.
Hello from JustAnswer.
Do you have the full report of the urinalysis?
Was this detected by the dipstick or the microscopic examination? Or both?
It would be most meaningful to know the number of red blood cells seen on microscopic examination.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

it was with a dipstick and I have had my unrine testes for infection which showed nothing. On the dipstick it only just shows as a positive and the test have showed the same amount over the last 18 months, if any thing slightly less not more....

A very small amount of blood on a dipstick is usually not worrisome.

However, my usual first step would be to perform a microscopic examination and I would do this before considering any imaging test. It is easier to quantify the amount of blood that is present when able to count the number of red blood cells on a microscopic examination. It is considered normal to have a very small number of red blood cells, such as 2-5 red blood cells per field.

I would also note that another reason for checking a microscopic examination is that there are some conditions that can affect the dipstick even though no red blood cells are present. For example, myoglobin from muscle will enter the urine and cause the dipstick test for blood to be positive, but a microscopic examination would show nothing more than the few red blood cells that would be considered normal.

So, I do not think that you need any additional tests of the urinary system, but I do think that in the future, instead of rechecking the dipstick only, it would be better to also request that a microscopic examination be performed to get a more accurate and quantifiable assessment of blood in the urine.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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