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My daughter, who is 51, fractured her pelvis twice last year,

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my daughter, who is 51, fractured her pelvis twice last year, since then she has suffered from her feet and legs being very cold and white, she is unable to walk very well and has had to resort to a stick, she also cannot drive her car because of no feeling in her feet and legs. Now her vision has become affected in that if she is reading and then looks up it takes a while for the eyes to re-focus. She lives in Canada and I am very worried about her, any clues?
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.
The paraesthesias i.e., numbness, weakness of the lower limbs and autonomic dysfunction like turning white due to lack of capillary blood flow are possible due to the fractured pelvis. Since, the sciatic nerve, the main nerve to the lower limbs travels through the greater sciatic foramen of the hip bone, a fracture of the pelvis can cause impingement as well as direct trauma to the nerve. This can cause numbness, paralysis or weakness of muscles and lack of response to temperature changes in the lower limbs.
The vision however, seems unrelated to the injury to the pelvis and the symptoms of the vision look like they are because of eye sight weakness or near sightedness.
I would suggest that for the lower limbs, she should see an orthopedic and spine surgeon, a doppler examination of the lower limbs, Nerve Conduction Studies of the lower limbs and Electromyelogram, MRI of the pelvis and the lower lumbosacral spine will be required.
For the eyes, she needs to see an Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor) first and have an eye examination and visual acuity checked.
These consultations will be the best course of action and will keep her on the right track to finding the diagnosis and early and efficient treatment for her problems.
Let me know if you have more queries about this.
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