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Couple of weeks ago i had a sore in my armpit it was to do

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Couple of weeks ago i had a sore in my armpit it was to do with sweating and skin rubbing together anyway a couple of days after this i had a.lump in my armpit i had this happen before and the dotors said it was a cyst i had could this be the same things as before
Hello from JustAnswer.

Yes, it could easily be the same problem again. In fact, if the sore was treated or spontaneously resolved without surgical removal, then the structure that formed the original cyst would still be present and could fill again to become a symptomatic cyst.

If the exacerbations are minor, then there is no reason for surgical removal, but in someone with recurrent cysts in the same location, it is an option to surgically remove the cyst structure to prevent recurrence. However, the approach to the acute symptoms would be similar to the first episode.

Sometimes, the symptoms can be relieved with the application of hot compresses. If there is an infection present, it would typically require oral antibiotics.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

How long do cyst can.last for

It depends upon the underlying structure that has formed a cyst, but in some people, it will remain indefinitely, or until it is surgically removed. My father had a minor cyst on his back that existed for as long as I can remember, which would occasionally drain and get smaller but later get larger again and repeat the cycle. But it otherwise never bothered him, so he never felt compelled to get it removed and it was still there decades later when he died from unrelated medical conditions.